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Yazmin Cavale


In 2016, beauty industry veteran Yazmin Cavale founded her Birmingham-based unique on-demand beauty service app, GLOW. The app allows users to schedule in-home, top-of-the-line beauty services from professional "GLOWpros." Cavale recently announced the app's first expansion into Nashville. 

The Mistake:

When you come into the world like the tech world and see how much it's growing right now, you make mistakes every single day. But you'll always find that your mistakes are the ones that make you who you are. I think almost everything I do every single day is probably a mistake, but learning and growing from it has made me a better CEO.

In the beginning, [people] would ask me questions about the tech side of the app and I would have no idea. Or I would say something completely wrong. People would look at me like, "Are you serious? You're the CEO of this tech company."

I would answer support tickets and they would point out a glitch somewhere. Or the app was down, and it was during the weekend and my tech firm wasn't getting back to me. It was really difficult to have something happen to the app [to the point] where clients couldn't book. Those were cringe-worthy moments for me, and I quickly learned that I needed someone on hand all the time.

We launched the app, but I didn't bring our developer Ben on until probably seven months down the line.

Hiring people who are better than you at their job is vital.

The Lesson:

I ended up hiring a really great lead developer and he was my first hire. I should have done that in the beginning, so he could have been helping me build it as well as keep up with it. I found him through the tech firm that we use, which is Platypi. He wasn't really solely part of the building process of my app, but he was part of that company.

I say that's one thing that I did do right – hiring someone who was around when the building process was happening. I call him my MVP. I see on-demand tech companies now, and when they tell me they don't have a lead developer and that they outsource a lot of work, I cringe. How do they even do it? He literally sits by me when I work.

I feel like as soon as you hire the people who believe in your company and what you do, and are really great at their job, everything falls into place. I always knew that hiring great people makes a company great, but hiring people who are better than you at their job is vital.

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Pictured: Yazmin Cavale| Photo courtesy of Reed Public Relations.

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